What's in Jaco Transfer's 5 Star Package?

07-21-2017 12:46
What's in Jaco Transfer's 5 Star Package?

In this blog post, we'll show you the items that we use to make Jaco Transfer's 5 Star Package! Jaco Transfer delivers food & beverages in Haïti! Food transfers are an interesting alternative to money transfers for many Haitian families!

Here's the list of items you get when you buy a 5 Star Package of food for your family in Haïti!

5 Star Package:

- Rice (2x 55 lbs)
- Beans (10 lbs)
- Corn Meal (10 lbs)
- Oil (2 Gallons)
- Hollandia Milk (12x200ml)
- Spaghetti (12 Bags)
- Sugar (10 lbs)
- Corn Flakes (3 Boxes)
- Macaroni (2 Bags)
- Mackerel in Tomato Paste (2 Cans)
- Sardines (6 Cans)
- Shake (4x200ml)
- Tomato Paste (6 Cans)
- Ketchup (1 Flacon)
- Bouillon Cubes: (1 bag of 48 Cubes)

You can buy the 5 Star package at this link: https://www.jacotransfer.com/Package-5-etoiles.html

Free Delivery Jaco Transfer offers free delivery anywhere in Port Au Prince!
Shop Online Jaco Transfer lets you shop online or in stores for goods delivered in Haïti. Use your credit card to pay for goods online through our secure payment processor!
48h or Less Jaco transfer guarantees that your order will be delivered in 48h or less. We pride ourselves on our fast and on-time delivery!
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